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Working Together To Help Grow Our Community


Shopping local just makes sense and we are proud to be a part of so many communities that make up the history and drive of Southwest Minnesota. We are unique in that we can combine forces in the Southwest Minnesota area and grow despite not being in the Metropolitan Area. As truly, being a locally owned and operated business in Southwest Minnesota, we understand how important it is, that we support our neighbors, friends, and families. 

windomshoplocal2When we shop locally it creates a ripple effect as businesses. As we invest back into our communities and others along with their employees spend their earnings locally it comes back two-fold by means of tax dollars, contributions to our local teams and events. We are firm believers in shopping and loving where we live. We know that having local thriving businesses increases employment potential. Did you know that Local businesses tend to hire a greater percentage of their employees from their own region as opposed to companies headquartered out of market. 

windomshoplocal1By shopping local or spending money at locally based businesses, it not only helps your neighbors and friends it brings more money into our local economy which leads to:

More companies are doing business in the Southwest MN communities.
More jobs in Southwest MN.
Higher demand for housing and commercial spaces for our residents

With an increasing number of people pursuing the global marketplace online, it has never been more important to "Shop Local" and support our local business owners. We at KDOM Radio along with our local businesses promote shopping local with messages throughout the day.
We can't wait to work together to help grow our community.

Steve and Laura White

Owners-Next Step Broadcasting, Inc- KDOM Radio






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